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# Sometimes I wake up screaming. Famous figures are gathered in the nightmare,
# Steve Bourne, Larry Wall, the whole of the ANSI C committee. They're just
# standing there, waiting, but the truely terrifying thing is what they carry
# in their hands. At first sight each seems to bear the same thing, but it is
# not so for the forms in their grasp are ever so slightly different one from
# the other. Each is twisted in some grotesque way from the other to make each
# an unspeakable perversion impossible to perceive without the onset of madness.
# True insanity awaits anyone who perceives all of these horrors together.
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Robert: coś mi tu nie pasuje w tym zapytaniu... hm, ilość rekordów...
Wojtek: proste, dodaj distinct
Robert: ale za dużo ich jest
Wojtek: to usuń distinct
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I don't like the term significant other. It always makes me want to say, "I have no SO, my girl and I are statically linked".
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student, jak rozkład wykładniczy, ma własność braku pamięci...
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Lecą dwa wektory.
- Stary, gdzie my właściwie mamy bazę?
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<Mienso> o kurwa
<Mienso> myslalem ze juz mi internet wylaczyli
<Mienso> bo linuksa sciagalem
<Mienso> kradlem*
<Fenek> zlodziej!
<Fenek> na stos
<fl__> stos.push(Mienso)
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shark> Nie przeszkadzaj, won do sandboxa!
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Baza wirusów została zaatakowana!!!
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public abstract String defaultValue
The default value to use as a fallback when the request parameter value is not provided or empty. Supplying a default value implicitly sets required() to false.
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72c78e8 2012-01-05 Michel Ludwig Make it compile without viewer interface again
82ab009 2012-01-06 Michel Ludwig Now really make it compile without viewer interface
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Sometimes, BIOSes come with very conservative settings. For example, avoiding showing a yellow bang symbol in the hardware manager of certain operating systems., Intel tips.
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# Session object must exist for security
use Session;
$$params{'Session'} = Session->GetAnonSession();
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Założenie: Jeżeli to, co robię, ma sens...
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foreach (int vert in vertices[vertex])
//celowo nie sprawdzam czy vertices[vert] != null
//jesli jest, to niech sie rozwali, zeby wszyscy widzieli!
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Sigmunt Freud walks into the bar. Bartender asks what he'd like to drink: Ich trinke nicht, Ich suche fur die alkoholische Traumen. Jung walks next into the bar, the bartender asks what he wants to drink, but Jung answers: I'm not drinking, I'm looking here for drinkers collective unconsciousness. Few minutes later Lacan enters the bar, looks down on Freud and Jung and asks: boys, are you still looking for your padrè?