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UDP is the honey badger of the internet protocol suite.
UDP is all about the transaction. UDP is standing on a cliff yelling, "Come at me, bro", whether you're there or not.
UDP is a man's protocol doing real shit like bootstrapping your ass and slapping an IP on you. Get up, motha fucka!
UDP will talk shit to one of you or all of you. UDP ain't scared. UDP brought the fear.
UDP understands that you may be slow sometimes. So UDP will wait for your sorry ass. UDP grew up without a father, too.
UDP sends a message and couldn't give a fuck if you got it or not.
UDP got a message from you saying that you got his messages and guess what? UDP didn't even open it! Not one fuck given.
Don't try to shake UDP's hand! You crazy?
And, when UDP dies because you weren't available, UDP doesn't shed a tear. UDP is hardcore. He's going out even if he knows you ain't there. UDP is a goddam one-man slaughter house.
Because UDP doesn't give a fuck.

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(dyskusja pod artykułem o błędzie w oprogramowaniu Apple)
<Ben L.> It's not so much a problem of with braces or goto, but more that they copied and pasted code too many times.
<gu3st> Samsung is gonna copy this bug in about 2 weeks.
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Do pakietu UDP dzwoni mama.
- Dotarłeś?
- A czy kogoś to obchodzi ?
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One of the old dating websites (in the 1990s), used to tell you how far potential dates lived from you - harmless enough, unless you live in Key West or a similar linear settlement, that gives a really big circle on which the person could live.

However, if you signed up for 3 (free, no verification required) accounts, and gave your different accounts different addresses around town, you could get three distances to the same potential date, giving a rather accurate estimate of their domicile location.... or, at least whatever they input when they signed up - if they were as paranoid as me, they also had three accounts and none of them had an accurate address.

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Pakiet UDP wchodzi do baru:
- Poproszę piwo.
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Matematycy-podróżnicy zdefiniowali klawość podróży. Podróż do sąsiedniego pokoju jest 1-klawa, do sąsiedniego mieszkania 2-klawa, to sąsiedniej klatki 3-klawa, …, do państwa otoczonego innym państwem n-klawa.
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A DBA walks into a NOSQL bar, but turns and leaves because he couldn't find a table
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Pakiet TCP wchodzi do baru:
- Poproszę piwo.
- Piwo?
- Tak, piwo.
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I looked at the MacBook. I had no experience with OSX at the time. Jobs wasn’t an idiot though, and displayed proudly in the top right hand corner of the screen was a universally recognisable WiFi symbol. It took me seconds to get the device on the network.

I handed back the MacBook and the woman opened up Safari. ‘The Internet’s not working,’ she stated with disdain.

I’ve heard this sentence so many times now from students and staff, that I have a stock reaction. Normally I pull out my mobile phone and pretend to tap in a few numbers. Holding the handset to my ear I say: ‘Yes, give me the office of the President of the United States…. NO, I WILL NOT HOLD. This is an emergency…. Hello, Mister President, I’m afraid I have some bad news. I’ve just been informed that The Internet is not working.’
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INTERCAL, short for "Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym" (via Wikipedia)
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Q: I was wondering, what advantages does CentOS have against Debian and vice versa.
A: One is made of fairies and the other is made of unicorns
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Why can't horses be beta testers? Because they prefer stable releases.
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While Perl's keywords and function names are generally in English, it allows modification of its parser to modify the input language, such as in Damian Conway's Lingua::Romana::Perligata module, which allows programs to be written in Latin or his Lingua::tlhInganHol::yIghun
Perl language in Klingon. They
do not just change the keywords but also the grammar to match the language.
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<x> to nie jest bug
<x> bug to działanie niezgodne ze specyfikacją
<x> my nie mamy żadnej specyfikacji
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Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon.
-- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982