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A little boy sees something way up in the sky and runs to his mom to ask her what it is. She points the boy to his father and tells him to ask him so the boy runs over to his father and asks what is in the sky. The father can't answer either but points the boy to his uncle saying he should be able to help. The boy runs over to his uncle but his uncle doesn't have an answer either and just points the boy back to his mother, the boy then knows what is in the sky.


Because it takes 3 points to define a plane
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¯\(°_o)/¯ I DUNNO LOL:
I once worked at a place that had a custom message format for an embedded system. It used 0xFF to mark the start of fields in IPC messages, so 0xFF was not allowed in field data, because then you couldn't find the next field. (The protocol normally passed numbers as BCD.)

They also had a PoS system, with multiple DOS-based terminals (this was back in the '90s) connected via Ethernet. There was a message defined to announce the Ethernet address of the PoS system computers, and the last field in the message was the MAC address.

Except MAC addresses are binary, and may contain an 0xFF. But this was always the last field, always a specific message type, always a specific field ID, and only passed between the PCs, not the embedded system. They could have made it a special case.

Nope. What they did was every time they got a new Ethernet card, they checked its MAC address. If it contained an 0xFF, they threw it in the trash. I left before Ethernet ports started becoming standard on PC motherboards.
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The book Javascript Ninja has a Samurai on the cover. That happens because JS is not strongly typed.
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The docs and some tests contain references to a master/slave db configuration.
While this terminology has been used for a long time, those terms may carry racially charged meanings to users.
This patch replaces all occurrences of master and slave with 'leader' and 'follower'
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Any attempt to continue execution after a noncontinuable exception causes the EXCEPTION_NONCONTINUABLE_EXCEPTION exception.
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Never trust atoms. They make up everything.
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pokazując coś na fb
Emil: ... o, a to fajna laska jest.
Franosz: to weź polub jej posta to ona cię polubi.
E: ale ja już mam swoją.
F: to będziesz miał backup.
E: taaa, co najwyżej konflikty.
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"you just have to be one step ahead of the person asking the questions to be considered a GURU"
-- reddit, about being linux guru
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Technically, LASER is an acronym, standing for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, although in truth, nothing is really being amplified. Instead, the electrons oscillate between either the excited-and-ground state or two different excited states, but for some unknown reason, no one wanted the acronym Light Oscillation by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. (I wonder why!)
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SHA1 uses 160-bit keys, which makes collisions virtually impossible. Even with a gigantic number of objects, the odds of a collision in this space are far below the odds of a meteor crashing the computer that runs your program
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I'm sorry, but I don't see how listing out 95 cases in a row that go to the same thing is a solution to anything. If I encountered that in any code I would track them down, kidnap them, deliver them personally to GLaDOS, and hope she gives them the deadliest sequence of tests she can find.
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<student> Java jest szybsza od C++. W C++ nie ma JIT
<inny student> i java zjada mniej pamięci niż C++. Bo w C++ nie ma garbage collector
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<matematyk> kocham Cię
<dziewczyna> udowodnij!
<matematyk> niech V będzie dowolną przestrzenią liniową n-tego stopnia (...)
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- The best part of UDP jokes is that I don't care if you get them.
- I it. don't get
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Dude, are you for real? Are you actually actively trying to be a d*ck or
you're this way by default.