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alias please='sudo'
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Sigmunt Freud walks into the bar. Bartender asks what he'd like to drink: Ich trinke nicht, Ich suche fur die alkoholische Traumen. Jung walks next into the bar, the bartender asks what he wants to drink, but Jung answers: I'm not drinking, I'm looking here for drinkers collective unconsciousness. Few minutes later Lacan enters the bar, looks down on Freud and Jung and asks: boys, are you still looking for your padrè?
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Korespondencja programisty z klientem:

<K> Czy poprawka weszła już na produkcję? Na razie ciągle mamy błędy.
<P> Weszła. Poproszę o szczegóły.
<K> Nadal są problemy.
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Topic for #git: [...] | Be careful when rewriting history. It may push you to use the dark side of the --force
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This is the simplest way to create a DACL.
Use ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptor,
Function takes a string in a format called SDDL specifying the ACL.
Writing SCs will be achivabe by creating DACL's with SDDL.

Very simple code will illustrate this tool:

ZeroMemory(&security, sizeof(security));

security.nLength = sizeof(security);

As You see, SDDL string contains human readable form of ACLs
which are rather obvious and doesn't need to explain.
Fabulous and easy form to operate on ACL...
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<balun> Jakby Marks zobaczył ten kod, to zapłakałby ze szczęścia.
<mofrig> Niby czemu?
<balun> Wszystko jedna klasa...
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Komentarz funkcji w SBCLu:

;;; internal use only. If you think you need to use these, either you
;;; are an SBCL developer, are doing something that you should discuss
;;; with an SBCL developer first, or are doing something that you
;;; should probably discuss with a professional psychiatrist first
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The so called "yada yada" operator of Perl 6 heritage is a shortcut to mark unimplemented code:

if ($condition) { ... }

is the same as

if ($condition) { die "not yet implemented" }
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Ze strony programu XScreenSaver:

BSOD [nazwa wygaszacza] stands for "Blue Screen of Death". The finest in personal computer emulation, BSOD simulates popular screen savers from a number of less robust operating systems.
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Ech, entropia już nie jest taka jak kiedyś...
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What you must understand is that Git is a sharp knife and the handle is also a knife, and each side contains more knives, fractally.
~ Brandon Hays
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Why to use File.separator in java instead of /

You use File.separator because someday your program might run on a platform developed in a far-off land, a land of strange things and stranger people, where horses cry and cows operate all the elevators. In this land, people have traditionally used the ":" character as a file separator, and so dutifully the JVM obeys their wishes.
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Pentester poszedł do łóżka z dziewczyną. Przez dłuższą chwilę ogląda uważnie ją z wszystkich stron, myśli, notuje coś, znowu myśli, aż w końcu ona pyta się :
- Co robisz ?
- Przeprowadzam rekonesans.
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Dwie informacje:
1. Da się otworzyć piwo modułem pamięci RAM.
2. Sprzedam uszkodzony moduł pamięci RAM 1GB DDR2 800MHz CL6.
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I am hugely embarrassed to announce another release of Zile's stable C branch: the awful truth is that the entire 2.4 series until now (that is, for well over two years) has been eating all your memory: it claimed to have garbage collection, but didn't.

On the other hand, no-one else noticed either.