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UDP is the honey badger of the internet protocol suite.
UDP is all about the transaction. UDP is standing on a cliff yelling, "Come at me, bro", whether you're there or not.
UDP is a man's protocol doing real shit like bootstrapping your ass and slapping an IP on you. Get up, motha fucka!
UDP will talk shit to one of you or all of you. UDP ain't scared. UDP brought the fear.
UDP understands that you may be slow sometimes. So UDP will wait for your sorry ass. UDP grew up without a father, too.
UDP sends a message and couldn't give a fuck if you got it or not.
UDP got a message from you saying that you got his messages and guess what? UDP didn't even open it! Not one fuck given.
Don't try to shake UDP's hand! You crazy?
And, when UDP dies because you weren't available, UDP doesn't shed a tear. UDP is hardcore. He's going out even if he knows you ain't there. UDP is a goddam one-man slaughter house.
Because UDP doesn't give a fuck.

Źródło: http://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/1yn4lh/freenode_under_ddos_again/cfmaxrh?context=3
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