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For legacy reasons, an implementation using the 1900 date base system shall treat 1900 as though it was a leap year. [Note: That is, serial value 59 corresponds to February 28, and serial value 61 corresponds to March 1, the next day, allowing the (nonexistent) date February 29 to have the serial value 60. end note] A consequence of this is that for dates between January 1 and February 28, WEEKDAY shall return a value for the day immediately prior to the correct day, so that the (nonexistent) date February 29 has a day-of-the-week that immediately follows that of February 28, and immediately precedes that of March 1.
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Przychodzi wielomian do lekarza, a lekarz:
-Uwaga, stopień!
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kernel 3.8.1:
arch/x86/kernel/apm_32.c:363:2: warning: #warning deprecated CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE will be deleted in 2012
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Saying that java stack trace is good, because you see the order of methods called is like saying poking in own poo is good, because you see the order of meals eaten.
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P.S. Please, do not violate copyright laws — corporations have executives to take care of and buy more yachts and private jets. They really are making our world a better place by giving some Cambodian kid a career in packing stuff — for 12 hours a day, one dollar per hour. I mean, he would die of starvation otherwise, right?

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I'm rewriting init in an interrupted language (python). I'd like to pass the path to the python interrupter as a boot option, but since init will be a python script, I need to know where the path to the interrupter is before I can exec() my init process.

Help request at stackoverflow.
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Reg Braithwaite ‏@raganwald 3h
"Immuteability: The property of functional programmers that prevents them from shutting up about pure functional programming."
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Writing application without tests makes you a bad person, incapable of love.
Rails Way
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- Co mówi informatyk do żony na zakończenie kłótni?
- a href="do kuchni"
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#man watch
You can watch for your administrator to install the latest kernel with

watch uname -r

(Just kidding.)
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Tomx: Ide grać w Gothicka
Hax0r: Trzymam za ciebie logi
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324 # Note: These highly sensitive factors have been precisely measured by
325 # the National Institute of Science and Technology. Take extreme care
326 # in altering them, or you may damage your Internet!
327 # (Seriously: <>)
328 factor = 2.7182818284590451 # (math.e)
329 # Phi = 1.6180339887498948 # (Phi is acceptable for use as a
330 # factor if e is too large for your application.)
331 jitter = 0.11962656472 # molar Planck constant times c, joule meter/mole

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- Puk puk
- Kto tam?
(długa cisza)
- Java
- O, wejdź, rozgość się
- Dzięki
- Czego się napijesz?
(długa cisza...)
- Wody...
- Co Ci jest? Tak długo nie odpowiadałeś...
- Zamurowało mnie, gdy zobaczyłem coś dziwnego grzebiącego w śmietniku...
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Switched off unit test X because the build had to go out now and there was no time to fix it properly.
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<BioZ> mam nowego przyjaciela;d
<BioZ> w pliku startowym Octave ustawiłem disp('Witaj:)');