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<llubosz> w C++ o błędach powiadamia kompilator
<llubosz> natomiast w PHP klient
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Half of the team favored four-space indentation; the other half favored two-space indentation.

As you can guess, the coding standard mandated three, so as to "offend all equally".
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<+Maciek> to mi znajomy kapitan opowiadał, że kiedyś słyszał jak chłopaki
przez radio na morzu w okręty grali
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// temporary fix
// xx.yy.2011 temporary my ass
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Specifies the number of components per color. Must be 4. The initial value is 4.
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[email protected]:~/ltib/rpm/BUILD/sudo-1.8.6p3$ ./configure --help
`configure' configures sudo 1.8.6p3 to adapt to many kinds of systems.

Usage: ./configure [OPTION]... [VAR=VALUE]...
Optional Packages:
--with-insults insult the user for entering an incorrect password
--with-all-insults include all the sudo insult sets
--with-classic-insults include the insults from the "classic" sudo
--with-csops-insults include CSOps insults
--with-hal-insults include 2001-like insults
--with-goons-insults include the insults from the "Goon Show"
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post z r/lolphp:

0x0 wat by Altreus (self.lolphp)
>>> 0x0 +2
>>> 0x0 +3.5
>>> 0x0 +2e1

Here is an explanation I was provided with:
<mauke> once their lexer detects "0x", it skips all '0's, then calls strtol()
<mauke> so: tokptr = "0x0 +2;", toklen = 3
<mauke> skip 0x: tokptr = "0 +2;", toklen = 1
<mauke> skip all '0's: tokptr = " +2;", toklen = 0
<mauke> call strtol(" +2", NULL, 16) ==> 2
<mauke> then it proceeds to parse the remaining program starting from " +2;"
because that's where the previous token ends
<mauke> and this is how 0x0 ends up having the value 2
<mauke> 0x0 +2e1 ends up being 757 because the first pass interprets 2e1 as a hex integer
while the second pass thinks it's a floating point number
<mauke> so it's really 0x2e1 + 2.0e1
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<obecalp> How do you do generic programming in Haskell?
<ShreevatsaR> This is a joke, right? This is like asking how you can have precise control over everything in assembly :P

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<helf> drchaos: duct tape is like the force. it has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together
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You might put it anywhere you want (except /dev/null, even though it's got exceptional write speeds!)
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<piotrek> Cegła waży dwa kilo i pół cegły. Ile waży cegła?
<lucyna> znam to
<piotrek> x = 2 + 0,5x
<piotrek> x=4
<piotrek> albo jest inny sposób rozwiązania tego równania
<lucyna> ?
<piotrek> x^2/2 = 2x + 1/2 * x^2/2
<piotrek> jak zcałkujesz obustronnie
<piotrek> i wtedy można normalnie z delty policzyć
<piotrek> jak człowiek
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<Bill-barriere> ivenkys, the only way someone can love vb is if they developed a Stockholm syndrome toward it ^^
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<browar231>czy to normalne że przy lutowaniu, z lutownicy lecą iskry?
browar231 zmienił status na niedostępny
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<mufasa> Nvidia przyspiesza gry w systemie Linux"
<unnamed> Obie?
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I almost always leave with the impression that the designers did the “right thing.” I suppose this is in contrast to Java, which does the pedantic thing, Perl, which does the kludgy thing, Ruby, which has two independent implementations of the wrong thing, and C, which doesn't do anything.

quote from, erlang programmer's homepage