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#5029 Dodano: 16-06-2011 00:41. Głosów: -19
<@Windcape> so
<@Windcape> I spend 3 hours tutoring a couple of friends about ASP.NET MVC, since they were building a website. Ok, basics set, authentication, CRUD content management, done. Then we find out they bought a PHP/MySQL shared hosting solution.
<phr34k> fail
<@Windcape> I think I managed to very nicely say, I think PHP is shit
<@Windcape> but yeah
<@Windcape> this is why I don't want to do websites for private people anymore
<@Windcape> people always fail like that
<@Windcape> or rather, I mean, why I stopped doing websites for private people a good 6 years ago
<phr34k> php has it's charm imho
<@Windcape> cleaning up puke the day after a good night in town, also have it's special charm
<@Windcape> PHP and puke
<@Windcape> both reminds a lot about eachother
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