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My favorite command is "ls -thor"

It summons the power of the gods ( to list the most recently modified files in a conveniently readable format.
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$ man asctime
The members of the tm structure are:
tm_mday The day of the month, in the range 1 to 31.
tm_mon The number of months since January, in the range 0 to 11.
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ze strony "Register as Facebook Developer":
We need to verify your account to complete your rejestracja. Your Numer telefonu will be dodano do osi czasu, but won't be visible to your friends

i formularz również dwujęzykowy
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A Windows 7 deployment image was _accidently_ sent to all Windows machines, including laptops, desktops, and even servers. This image started with a repartition / reformat set of tasks. As soon as the accident was discovered, the SCCM server was powered off – however, by that time, the SCCM server itself had been repartitioned and reformatted.

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Normal people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet.

~ Scott Adams
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Podstawy programowania w języku Java:
2.2 Struktury dynamiczne
2.2.1 Stos
Często fachowo pieszczotliwie nazywany LIFO (Last In - First Out). Informa-
tycy żartują, że ta struktura danych została stworzona przez Jezusa (”Pierwsi
będą ostatnimi, a ostatni pierwszymi”).
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What does reload do?
Good question. Reload does everything, and probably no one exactly knows how much that is.

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<Jussi> Właśnie usłyszałem najlepszy opis pisania aplikacji mobilnych w PhoneGapie
<Jussi> Wyobraź sobie, że ktoś każe ci wykopać rów
<Jussi> I do tego celu wręcza ci najbardziej wypasioną, najładniejszą
<Jussi> I najbardziej zaawansowaną funkcjonalnie na rynku parasolkę
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Javascript reserved keywords poem:

Let this long package float,
Goto private class if short.
While protected with debugger case,
Continue volatile interface.
Instanceof super synchronized throw,
Extends final export throws.

Try import double enum?
- False, boolean, abstract function,
Implements typeof transient break!
Void static, default do,
Switch int native new.
Else, delete null public var
In return for const, true, char
…Finally catch byte.

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Jake Weary
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Not to be confused with jQuery.
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<boxidea> Just the other day I was realizing how much Google knows about us. I can search for "broken pipe" and none of the results are about plumbing.
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You know a server sucks when it's estimated downtime has downtime
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Fix 260 character file name length limitation
3,002 votes; Steve Leigh; August 15, 2011

The 260 character limit on file paths really gets in the way of having a deeply-nested project hierarchy. It's only there as backwards compatibility with the old school APIs, and has no place in any sort of modern development environment.

We should be able to work with file paths of whatever size we want.


DECLINED; Visual Studio UV Site Admin
Visual Studio UV Site Admin (Admin, Microsoft) responded · October 03, 2013
Hello everyone and thank you for the feedback and for voting on this issue. We understand that this can be a frustrating issue, however, fixing it requires a large and complicated architectural change across different products and features including Visual Studio, TFS, MSBuild and the .NET Framework. Dedicating resources to this work item would come at the expense of many other features and innovation. Additionally, if we removed this limitation from our first party tools it will still likely exist elsewhere in Visual Studio’s ecosystem of extensions and tools. For these reasons, we are declining this suggestion and returning return everyone’s votes so they can be applied to other items. In the interest of delivering the most value to our customers we sometimes have to make very difficult cuts, and this is one of them.

Thank you,

Will Buik,
Visual Studio – Project and Build Team
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A little boy sees something way up in the sky and runs to his mom to ask her what it is. She points the boy to his father and tells him to ask him so the boy runs over to his father and asks what is in the sky. The father can't answer either but points the boy to his uncle saying he should be able to help. The boy runs over to his uncle but his uncle doesn't have an answer either and just points the boy back to his mother, the boy then knows what is in the sky.


Because it takes 3 points to define a plane
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¯\(°_o)/¯ I DUNNO LOL:
I once worked at a place that had a custom message format for an embedded system. It used 0xFF to mark the start of fields in IPC messages, so 0xFF was not allowed in field data, because then you couldn't find the next field. (The protocol normally passed numbers as BCD.)

They also had a PoS system, with multiple DOS-based terminals (this was back in the '90s) connected via Ethernet. There was a message defined to announce the Ethernet address of the PoS system computers, and the last field in the message was the MAC address.

Except MAC addresses are binary, and may contain an 0xFF. But this was always the last field, always a specific message type, always a specific field ID, and only passed between the PCs, not the embedded system. They could have made it a special case.

Nope. What they did was every time they got a new Ethernet card, they checked its MAC address. If it contained an 0xFF, they threw it in the trash. I left before Ethernet ports started becoming standard on PC motherboards.