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Kobieta zmienną jest
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\n Represents a line break that was inserted with the Shift+Enter key combination. To change a line break into a paragraph break, enter \n in the Search for and Replace with boxes, and then perform a search and replace.

\n in the Search for text box stands for a line break that was inserted with the Shift+Enter key combination.

\n in the Replace with text box stands for a paragraph break that can be entered with the Enter or Return key.

~ z opisu wyrażeń regularnych LibreOffice'a
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This is the simplest way to create a DACL.
Use ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptor,
Function takes a string in a format called SDDL specifying the ACL.
Writing SCs will be achivabe by creating DACL's with SDDL.

Very simple code will illustrate this tool:

ZeroMemory(&security, sizeof(security));

security.nLength = sizeof(security);

As You see, SDDL string contains human readable form of ACLs
which are rather obvious and doesn't need to explain.
Fabulous and easy form to operate on ACL...
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ze strony
"If you are a psychic Java guru with the ability to masterfully comprehend brand new APIs without any documentation what so ever, then you won’t have to read our wiki."
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Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon.
-- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982
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libfaketime might be used for various purposes, for example
- running legacy software with y2k bugs
- testing software for year-2038 compliance
- debugging time-related issues, such as expired SSL certificates
- running software which ceases to run outside a certain timeframe
- using different system-wide date and time settings, e.g., on OpenVZ-
based virtual machines running on the same host.
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Komentarz w corze Drupala

// This is a lousy test, but don't know how else to confirm it is a theme.
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"Most languages are detected by their file extension. This is the fastest and most common situation. For script files, which are usually extensionless, we do "deep content inspection"™ and check the shebang of the file."
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Q: Is there some way to tell Visual Studio 2008 to build the same executable VC6 does? Something that just runs?

A: No, because "just runs" is apparently a dirty word to some folks at
Microsoft. I've said this before that the deploy instructions for
HelloWorld.exe should be *no* longer than the source code for said
project (5 lines). However, MS has some fantasy that everyone will (1)
memorize their instructions about manifests buried deep in the bowels
of MSDN, and (2) use their obtuse installer technology and manage
every last little bit.

[Znalezione na Google Groups]
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/* --NOTE--
* All this code is called by child process, so debug*() won't work.
* Don't waste time trying it.
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> How about a sysctl that does "for the love of kbaek, don't ever kill these
> processes when OOM. If nothing else can be killed, I'd rather you panic"?

An aircraft company discovered that it was cheaper to fly its planes
with less fuel on board. The planes would be lighter and use less fuel
and money was saved. On rare occasions however the amount of fuel was
insufficient, and the plane would crash. This problem was solved by
the engineers of the company by the development of a special OOF
(out-of-fuel) mechanism. In emergency cases a passenger was selected
and thrown out of the plane. (When necessary, the procedure was
repeated.) A large body of theory was developed and many publications
were devoted to the problem of properly selecting the victim to be
ejected. Should the victim be chosen at random? Or should one choose
the heaviest person? Or the oldest? Should passengers pay in order not
to be ejected, so that the victim would be the poorest on board? And
if for example the heaviest person was chosen, should there be a
special exception in case that was the pilot? Should first class
passengers be exempted? Now that the OOF mechanism existed, it would
be activated every now and then, and eject passengers even when there
was no fuel shortage. The engineers are still studying precisely how
this malfunction is caused.
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/dev/null to taki write-only memory
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Przychodzi kąt do lekarza, a lekarz mówi: Kto pana tak skierował?
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<obecalp> How do you do generic programming in Haskell?
<ShreevatsaR> This is a joke, right? This is like asking how you can have precise control over everything in assembly :P

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drahe: #! is called "shebang" because it's the only "she" coders can bang
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Przychodzi stożek do lekarza, a lekarz mówi: Coś pan taki ścięty?
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June 17, 2015 at some ungodly hour of the morning I received this gem (get ready to facepalm hard): "Hi, We use Openssl0.9.5a with Windows Server 2008 edition. [Mind you, 0.9.5a was originally released on April 3, 2000 with 6 major releases in the 15 years that have passed since that release. But wait, it gets better...] Does Openssl0.9.5a works with Windows Server 2012? Also what is the stable production version that can be used for Windows Server 2012? Help is highly appreciated." Wow.
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Jakie jest pozdrowienie nazi-informatyków? - Zip File!
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Recovery/external programming

Ok, you fucked things up, but on the other hand this will give you the oppotunity to learn external chip-programming, so cheer-up.
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in bash: kill %blow
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<Kresq> Roflcopter? gdyby wynaleźli technologię digitalizowania ludzi i wrzucania ich na strony internetowe, to powinieneś tam zamieszkać
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<akwes> żałuje że jestem programistą
<akwes> jak widzę, że w jakiejś grze surowce zbliżają mi się do około 64k to je wydaje, bo się boje, że ktoś dał za małego inta do ilości surowców i będzie problem...

Wersja komiksowa
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Taste voltage

As a last resort, if you have no test equipment and are willing to risk getting shocked (or even electrocuted) you can always taste the voltage. Before touching one of the test leads with your tongue, test them to make sure that there is no high voltage on them. Touch both leads (at the same time) to one hand to see if they shock you. Then if no shock, wet the skin contact points by licking and repeat. If this test gives you a shock, you certainly don't want to use your tongue.

For the test for 12 V, Lick a finger and hold one test lead in it. Put the other test lead on your tongue. If the lead on your tongue is positive, there will be a noticeable taste. You might try this with flashlight batteries first so you will know what taste to expect.

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No to mamy PICNIC:
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>Why is sudo being removed from base? It is pretty useful. I imagine many
>use sudo

Sorry, we are making room in the tree so that lynx can come back.
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Co mówi matematyk siedząc na toalecie: 2,71 2,71 2,71
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Once upon a time there was a programming language called C. And it had 2 memory management functions: malloc() and free(). But it was too complicated.
Bjarne Stroustrup decided that C memory management should be easier. So he invented C++. In addition tomalloc() and free(), C++ had new, delete, destructors, RAII, auto and shared pointers.
Guido van Rossum found that C++ was also not simple enough. He chose another way and invented Python - a language which doesn't have even malloc() or free().
Meanwhile Norwegian trolls created the C++ GUI library Qt. It simplifies memory management by deleting objects automatically when it thinks the objects are not needed.
A man called Phil Thompson was upset that a cool library like Qt doesn't exist in the excellent Python language. He combined them in the PyQt project. But it is not so easy to combine different memory management paradigms. Let's see what the pitfalls are.
(Text above is a fairy tale. Text below contains code and technical information)
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z dokumentacji pureftpd
--without-humor: if you find what this option does without peeking at the
source code, you're a lucky guy!
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<info>Porada na githubie</info>
ProTip! Follow the drama with comments:>50 for heavy discussions.
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<>About development style (TDD).From wikipedia:
"Fake it till you make it - is a common catchphrase that means to imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success, it will generate real confidence"
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// Get paths to system base directories
$baseDir = dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])))))))));
$pkpBaseDir = dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))))))));
$curDir = dirname(dirname(__FILE__));
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Share it iff you love formal logic.

na podstawie
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Dates in Excel spreadsheets

In reality, there are no such things. What you have are floating point numbers and pious hope.

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We have an opening for a part time Linux server administrator. You should dream in shell code and be able to type in vi backwards in your sleep.
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fifty shaders of grey
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"SQL is the Fortran of databases - nobody likes it much, the language is ugly and ad hoc, every database supports it, and we all use it."

-- John Levine. Flex & Bison: text processing tools
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"Poczatkujacy informatyk mysli, ze 1 kB = 1000 B, zaawansowany informatyk jest pewien, ze 1 km = 1024 m, pseudoinformatyk nie wie, ze 91.4990234375 kB = 93695 B."

A najlepsze jest to, że początkujący informatyk nie mija się z prawdą, zaawansowany informatyk mija się z prawdą tylko o 2.4%, zaś pseudoinformatyk dokładnie stosuje się do standardów i wie już wszystko nt jednostek miar w informatyce, więc może pouczać innych. (IEC 60027-2;
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Contrary to the belief of many, "npm" is not in fact an abbreviation for "Node Package Manager". It is a recursive bacronymic abbreviation for "npm is not an acronym".
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#README dla PakuPaku na github

Reading our code is a violation of the honor code. We trust that you will honor the honor code by not looking at our work without permission.
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In Germany, the train system uses DCF77 clocks. As the distance from Frankfurt increases, trains can be expected to run later.
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Wchodzi logik do wc: chce q,p!
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Znalezione w sabayonie:

found /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/gweather/I_KNOW_THIS_IS_UNSTABLE/
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//Z serii hardcore'owe optymalizacje
Jeśli używasz listy podwójnie wiązanej, możesz zaoszczędzić na wiązaniu używając XOR.
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context 'adding user' do
setup do
should 'add users' do #thank you cpt obvious!
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Z allegro WebAPI:
# sell-form-opt | int
Informacja na temat obligatoryjności pola (1 - pole obowiązkowe, 8 - pole opcjonalne).
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Autentyk z Dessault Systemes legal information:
The creation of hypertext links pointing to the Site is subject to the prior written approval of Dassault Systèmes’ representatives.
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(...) one Liquidsoap instance can only use a single processor or core. You can easily work around this limitation by launching multiple Liquidsoap instances, and thus take advantage of that 8-core Xeon server laying around in the dust in your garage.

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"Jesli Jezus używał god mode, co używali ludzie którzy go zabili?"
Bug w grze.
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Not every website needs to have a minimalist 3-word-on-every-page layout with big-ass pictures in the background and useless javascript all over the place. Put a fucking sidebar or some shit.

Most web deign these days seems to just copy whatever Apply/MS/whoever is cool right now is doing. Remember the shiny table Apple had? Bam, every one had to have shiny table. Selling software? Put it in a box on a shiny table. Have icons? You know what would make those like 2 million times better? If they were on a fucking shiny table.

Then flat tiles. Man, shiny tables are like totally awful. Make everything flat and square and in tiles. Preferably ones that jiggle like titties when you mouse over them. Can we have them shiny? No? Ok, then put the most garish color scheme you have all up in that bitch.

Holy shit! Guys. Guys! What if we had a giant mother fucking image as a background? And then it does all this weird shit when you scroll like some parallax fuckery that I read about? Even better, lets make it animated, because people with slow connections are just the worst. And besides, what kind of plebeian wouldn't want the same bullshit irrelevant hipster image with an instagram filter looping endlessly? That way you can see the parallax effects even better.

I swear, sometimes I think there's 3 web designers that are in a dungeon somewhere and every 4 years they come forth like Moses with the "next big design fad" that everyone follows for the next 4 years.
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What does reload do?
Good question. Reload does everything, and probably no one exactly knows how much that is.

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Similarities between machine language and assembler are a feature, not a bug
~Gerhard Schmidt
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Zgłoszenie z działu HelpDesk do sieciowców:

Awaria sieci
Stacje robocze, które mają dynamiczne przydzielane adresy IP (o adresacji, nie mają łączności z siecią - polecenie ping na adres zwraca: General faliure, a polecenie tracert: błąd transmisji kod 1231. Pozostałe stacje o stałych adresach IP działają poprawnie.
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Known Issues:
* Black screen issue on some HW - workaround: boot with screen un-plugged, plug it after 1 minute. Issue under investigation.
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00:30:15 [linux-idjit] weeeee, finally got linux up and running
00:41:08 [alvare] linux from scratch?
00:41:44 [><((((*>] from?
00:43:03 [alvare] its a distro where you build your linux from zero, including the kernel and base shit
00:47:09 [poplog] allot of distro do that
00:47:35 [alvare] like....
00:49:31 [><((((*>] xp ? they build from zero to became a shit
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long john; // silver
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A Windows 7 deployment image was _accidently_ sent to all Windows machines, including laptops, desktops, and even servers. This image started with a repartition / reformat set of tasks. As soon as the accident was discovered, the SCCM server was powered off – however, by that time, the SCCM server itself had been repartitioned and reformatted.

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When people from the WYSIWYG world meet people who use LATEX, they often discuss “the advantages of LATEX over a normal word processor” or the opposite. The best thing to do when such a discussion starts is to keep a low profile, since such discussions often get out of hand. But sometimes there is no escaping ...

The (Not So) Short Introduction to LaTeX2e
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>You might have to hit Ignore a dozen times, but there's a good chance that eventually the bad values in the registers will get overwritten by good values (and it probably won't take long because the 8086 has so few registers), and the program will continue seemingly-normally.
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A topologist is someone who can't tell their donut apart from their coffee mug.
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OS X terminal command
> say
is incredibly fun for creeping people out, and it's the sole reason I keep SSH turned on on all of my machines. Especially when you use
> say -v whisper "I'm watching you."
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W sklepie: "Chciałbym iPoda firmy Samsung."
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By slackbook, Chapter 10 Handling Files and Directories

" 'less' is more than 'more'. Joost Kremers puts it this way:

'less' is more, but more 'more' than 'more' is, so 'more' is less 'less', so use more 'less' if you want less 'more' "
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/** barf [ba:rf] 2. "He suggested using FORTRAN, and everybody barfed."

- From The Shogakukan DICTIONARY OF NEW ENGLISH (Second edition) */
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<Countly User's Guide> In order to start tracking your application, you need to do the following:

Choose a compliant server operating system (e.g Ubuntu 10.04 or later).
Install the server application so it’s ready to collect data.
Put the SDK in your application.
Put the application in your mobile phone and test.
If tests are successful, send the application to Appstore/Google Play.

Should you feel brave enough, (4) is optional.
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przychodzi matematyk z operatorem różniczkowym:
-uwazaj zrózniczkuje Cie
-ja jestem e^x
-ha ha, a ja jestem po dy
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*na zaliczeniu instalacji PLD*
<student> ale mi kernel panic wystąpią...
<prowadzący>idzie wiosna to jądra panikują.
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//Ten kawałek kodu to taki LUKIER SYNTAKTYCZNY
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modul galerii do SMF:
This copy of Aeva Media has an incorrect path set for the data folder. If you are the admin, make sure it is updated in your settings. Otherwise, contact them and have a good laugh. But not too much, it would be cruel.
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starożytni egipcjanie używali UML jako sysonimu wyrażenia "jae pier****, jakie to jest nudne"
#7399 Dodano: 19-04-2014 23:00. Głosów: 67 + |  -
Dude, are you for real? Are you actually actively trying to be a d*ck or
you're this way by default.
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(00:35:02) Hubert sąsiad: zjebala mi sie karta grafiki i przeczytalem w necie
(00:35:07) Hubert sąsiad: zeby wsadzic ja do piekarnika
(00:35:12) Hubert sąsiad: slyszales o tym moze?
(00:35:39) 1313059: Skróć kabel od klawiatury
(00:37:35) Hubert sąsiad: ej
(00:37:36) Hubert sąsiad: : D
(00:37:40) Hubert sąsiad: ale to na serio sie wydaje
(00:37:48) Hubert sąsiad: to nie jak z tym kablem
(00:38:38) Hubert sąsiad: ej
(00:38:42) Hubert sąsiad: bo tam w piekarniku
(00:38:47) Hubert sąsiad: cyna sie roztopi
(00:38:50) Hubert sąsiad: i zlutuje
(00:38:51) Hubert sąsiad: cos
(00:38:57) Hubert sąsiad: i zadziala, na kazdym forum tak pisza
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Process ANSI standard trigraph sequences. These are three-character sequences, all starting with `??', that are defined by ANSI C to stand for single characters. For example, `??/' stands for `\', so `'??/n'' is a character constant for a newline. Strictly speaking, the GNU C preprocessor does not support all programs in ANSI Standard C unless `-trigraphs' is used, but if you ever notice the difference it will be with relief.

You don't want to know any more about trigraphs.
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<anon> PHP supports one error control operator: the at sign (@).
<anon> This operator is affectionately known by veteran phpers as the "stfu operator".
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"This post contains a complete list of everything a C program can do with a function pointer, for a rather reasonable definition of “do”. Examples of things not to do with a function pointer are also provided. That list, in contrast, is in no way exhaustive."